I had a dream

I know it sounds a bit like Martin Luther King, but that's what happened. Last night I had a dream. A crazy one. But I woke up in a very good mood, so it can't be that bad, right?

In my dream, Marco and I engaged in a caravan trip throughout Europe to cook. But it was no ordinary holiday trip, instead a long-term commitment to experience and learn all of the good food cooked by ordinary people like ourselves, inside our little caravan or at people's houses.
We maintained a blog and shared Youtube videos as a home-caravan-made-program, sponsored by Food Network and Travel Channel. The caravan itself was courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and would be auctioned by the end of the program. Crazy right? Told you so!
Still, the seed had been sowed and the idea planted in the back of my mind so I timidly discussed it with Marco over today's breakfast. While telling him, I had the impression he thought I was absolutely out of my mind and in need of serious professional help. But no. He actually liked the idea and encouraged me to start the blog and establish connections in order to fulfill the dream. Maybe he also needs some serious professional help... Or maybe we are just right! And like he said: the worse it can happen to us is having no reply at all :)

So, here we are. Blog started amidst a weird mix of feelings. We love food, love traveling, love photography and love writing so what better way to accomplish all of these, combined, than this crazy adventure that came, not out of the blue but, out of a dream? We want to learn good local seazonal cooking from the best. We want to learn it from you!

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  1. WOW! I will definetly follow You! GO Joana!!!