"With a little help from my friends"

I know exactly what your thinking: "this crazy woman is still hanging on to that stupid idea!". Yeap! I am a woman. I am crazy. And I'm still thinking about fulfilling "The Dream" :p
So, since it might take a while (years maybe?????) until we get on the move I have decided to start right here. I'll start with you guys (now you're rolling your eyes and acknowledging my madness): I want to learn your best recipes, the ones you're really good at (cheese pies, barbecues, crazy salads, lasagnas, pasta with wonderful tomato sauce, special sandwiches, you name it, it's your call). Or recipes from your family members and friends: grandmothers, aunties, cousins, best friend, ex-boyfriend, any relationship will do, as long as there's good home-made comfort food in between. I want to share that knowledge with the rest of the world (I know the world is bigger than my four followers, but hey, give me time!)
Give those neurons a good old shake, think about all that delicious food that is almost a secret and give me a call ("mi liga, vai..." with a sexy brazilian accent) or email me. All recipes and photos will only be published after your approval/consent and the credits are also yours. I'm just the student :)

So, now the dreaded question: who wants to be the first????? I want to see those arms up in the air! :D

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